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Seed Software Development

SEED Open Source Software Product Portfolio

SEED has more than 10 Software Developing Partners in Uganda ,Australia, Kenya , India , Ukraine ,China etc..

SEED Open Source Software Solutions :

  1. Hospital Management Solution
  2. Accounting Software Solutions
  3. Fixed Asset Register
  4. Academic Registry Information Management System 
  5. Human Resource Management and Pay Roll system
  6. Electronic Queue Management System
  7. Microfinance software
  8. Bus Registration System
  9. Complete ERP System
  10. CRM Software
  11. Hotel Management Software
  12. Many More

SEED Open Source Core Team AREAS OF Knowledge

Sales and Marketing Management plus Customer Relationship providing world class Software’s

We have more than 25 Virtual Skilled Team Across the World several decades of experience in Software Development to more than 200 clients.

Management, Mathematics & Statistics

Computer Science, Consultancy & Accounting

SEED Open Source Core Team AREAS OF Experience

Project Manager : 10 year experience in Software Development, Project Manager, Business Analyst and Quality Analysts. A bachelor of Information Technology degree majoring in Database development. His work experiences include working as Systems Developer using Oracle Forms and Database, Software development in Full stacks (. Net frameworks, JavaScript frameworks).

Lead Developer :30 years of Software development, working in full stack technologies. His core competences include, Web & Mobile application development using tech stacks such as AngularJS, .Net/MVC frameworks, Ionic (Cordova + AngularJs) for Mobile Frontend, Java and many others.

Reports Experts : has over 5 years of software development experiences specializing in .Net frameworks and Report designer frameworks (Pentaho, Crystal reports, Telerik reports).

UX/XD Designer : Over 5 years of User Experience (UX) and frontend designer. He has built frontend applications using CSS3, HTML5, twitter bootstraps, ionic frameworks among others.