Our Client Base

Artifex online has been designing and developing Web Applications and delivering solutions to various industrial sectors which includes finance and health sectors, Retail industry, manufacturing companies, educational foundations, vertical markets, insurance, marketing and Distribution Company, governmental, non-governmental organizations.

We believe in delivering practical solutions and quality service to our clients, which is compliant with industry standards.

Our clients are in the profit and non-profit business sectors. Whether they are accountable to investors or to the taxpayers; cost-effective use of accessible resources is the peak precedence for majority of the organizations. Our executive search for innovative ways to recover departments, reduces costs, and does more with fewer efforts effectively. Our custom made solutions consistently deliver savings for organizations of all sizes.

We have number of advantages over our competitors, which makes us the preferable choice for solution seekers/Organization. Our greatest asset is our versatile technical team and development managers, which is competent enough to adapt industry changes to develop and deliver innovative solutions.

The customization & deployment of our Premium software technology has assisted us immensely to enhance our performance, productivity as well as aided us in making decisions and formulating plans & policies.

In the short timespan we have a very wide and huge customer base created around the globe which includes countries like Canada, U.S.A., U.K., France, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Netherland, Nigeria, South Africa, Russia, India and Australia.

Artifex Online has open four choices for customers to choose any business model for their project.

  • Hire Dedicated Full Time Developer
  • Hire Dedicated Part Time Developer
  • Fix Cost based Project
  • Hire Team of Developers

Hire Dedicated Full Time Developer:

We at Artifex online analyze your business and project requirements and suggest you to hire developer accordingly. You can hire Designers/Developer for hourly /Weekly/Bi-Weekly or Monthly basis. This Business model is perfectly suite for companies or clients whose requirements are on-going basis and constant. This Business model is a great option to expand your in-house team. Once you hire a designer or developers the resource will

  • Work for 8 hours a day
  • Work 5 days a week and
  • Will give more than 160 hours of productivity during the month.

Hire Dedicated Part Time Developer:

We at Artifex online deliver part time developers for your project who are sufficiently experienced and have performed on diverse projects. We verify the designer/developer to outfit your requirements. You decide on number of Part time developers for your project. We allocate the dedicated developer, designers as per requirement. In this business model you can hire Developer for Dedicated 4 hours a day, Monday to Friday.

Fix Cost Based Project:

In this Business Model, Artifex online's system analyst will analyze your project requirement and create a Project scope, based on Project scope; we determine timeline and cost of the project. In fix cost based project model, all scope of work, changes, functionality will be define and finalize. After finalization Proposal/Agreement will be crated and signed off by both the parties.

Hire Team of Developers:

In this offering we will assign team consisting of a Project Manager, a technical leader and two developers for medium and large size projects. When the project requirements are complex we need to assign one of our most experienced resources to lead the project and take full responsibility of delivering the project on time. Whereas a technical leader will quarterback the technical team and understand the requirements of the project thoroughly.

Our Skills

Web Design - 80%

Wordpress - 97%

HTML 5 / CSS 3 - 75%

Graphics Design - 80%

Joomla - 60%

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