Artifex Online has open four choice for customers to choose any business model for their project.

  • Hire Dedicated Full Time Developer
  • Hire Dedicated Part Time Developer
  • Fix Cost based Project
  • Hire Team of Developers

Hire Dedicated Full Time Developer:

We at Artifex online analyze your business and project requirements and suggest you to hire developer accordingly. Hire a dedicated full time Resources, You can Hire Designers/Developer for hourly /Weekly/Bi-Weekely Or Monthly basis at cost effective rates. This Business model is perfecly suite for companies or clients whose requirments are on-going basis and constant. This Business model is a great option to expand your in-house team. Once you hire a designer or developers the resource will 1) Work for 8 hours a day 2) Work 5 days a week 3) And will give more than 160 hours of proviductivity during the month.

Hire Dedicated Part Time Developer:

We at Artifex online deliver part time developers for your project who are sufficiently experienced and have performed on diverse types of project. We verify the designer/developer to outfit your requirements. You decide no of Part time developers for your project. We allocate the dedicated developer, designers as per requirement. Hire Developer for Dedicated 4 hours, Monday to Friday for your project work.

Fix Cost Based Project:

In this Business Model,Artifex online's system analyst will analyze your project requirement and create a Project scope of the same and based on Project scope, we determine timeline and cost of the project. In fix cost based project model, all scope of work, changes, functionality will be define and finalize and based on which we come to the stage where we come to the Proposal/Agreement Stage.

Hire Team of Developers :

Artifex online assign 1 Project Manager, 1 project leader and 2 developer's team for big and Medium projects. When Project requirement is high and lengthy at same time we need to Assign our most experienced Resource who lead the project and take responsibility of whole project. Project leader and team leader will able to solve the query of developers and understand clients' requirement thoroughly.

Our Skills

Web Design - 80%

Wordpress - 97%

HTML 5 / CSS 3 - 75%

Graphics Design - 80%

Joomla - 60%

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